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          Beijing New Oriental Harbor Petro-Tech Services Limited is an international consulting company engaged in providing technical services for oil and gas exploration and development. The company owns a group of various fields of technician and professional supervisor with rich operation experience and excellent education background. So far we have successfully provided clients at home and abroad with high-quality services such as quality control, project management, technical consultation, involved in the fields of seismic exploration, non- seismic exploration, drilling engineering, well cementing, mud logging, mud fluid, well test, well completion, downhole operation, oil & gas production, oilfield surface construction and HSE, etc.
Add: No.3-202 Tower A, Hejingyuan,Jimenli,Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China
P C 100088
Tel 86-10-82095528
Website http//:www.noh.cn
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